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Dr. Jane Bolton
Dr Jane Bolton
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Dr Jane Bolton, Psychotherapy and Master Life Coach

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"Do you really want to look back on your life and see how wonderful it could have been had you not been afraid to live it?" ~ Caroline Myss

We humans have an innate desire to grow and develop to our fullest.

Full development occurs in the context of a secure relationship. Human connection, secure attachment and a sense of belonging are core, fundamental needs and motivations. These needs must be met for full development of the self to occur.

Many of us did not experience that deep connection and secure attachment earlier in our lives. Our caretakers may not have been optimally available to us because of their own unmet needs, preoccupations and human frailties. And our own development may have been put in a deep freeze.

But it’s never too late to thaw our inner self and begin to grow again. We can experience that kind of secure attachment now. Therapy is dedicated to providing that for you. Therapy gives you an experience of being heard and understood. With a person devoted to learning who you are, and how you would like to be, over time enormous things are possible.

We can build a new model of relationship with the therapist. This relationship can change the way we see ourselves and leads naturally to new ways of behaving and thinking. It gives us the possibilities of forming secure relationships with others, out of which we can continue growing for the rest of our lives.

No wonder I love my work. --Jane

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