About Dr. Jane Bolton


A Safe Haven.The view from the front door.

It is my mission to provide an environment, services and products for the growth of full and open True-Self Expression. In other words, I offer "Psychotherapy to Live Life Fully."

What is True-Self Expression? It includes:

The ability to go after and ask for what you want and need

The ability to stay away or refuse what you do not want or need and

The ability to know the difference

Initiating, maintaining and sometimes ending relationships with others

Speaking up assertively - directly, honestly & respectfully.

True-Self Expression means:

Honoring your real emotions, and the emotional state of the Self, and making choices about the most productive ways to behave

Choosing what qualities you want to develop - who you want to be

Making a commitment to yourself to develop and exercise those qualities to be the best you can be.

Part of the Environment

Another way of saying that is that my mission is to support all people in the highest and fullest expression of their Real Selves and Life Purposes. This involves supporting Self Discovery, Self Awareness, Self Acceptance, Self Understanding, Self Growth and Development, Self Expression, Self Esteem and Self Expansion.

In short, I help people love themselves and their lives more fully so that they can love others more fully too.


I carry out my mission as I:

Provide Psychotherapy and Coaching

Supervise and give In-Service Trainings to psychotherapists



Give Workshops

Produce Products to support my mission

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