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Mirroring Chapter Outline:
What is mirroring?
What happens when there is not adequate mirroring: Pain
Joanne's journey
The importance of mirroring
The mirroring process detailed
The Parable of the Blind Man

Other self growth experts remark about the importance of mirroring:

Excerpt from the E-book:

“Developing the ability to experience the world through your partner's eyes, while holding on to your perspective, may be the single most important skill in intimate relationship," write Pat Love and Steven Stosny in their book, How To Improve Your Marriage without Talking About It.

Harville Hendrix, in his Keeping the Love You Find, notes that mirroring is "a crucial relationship skill" and that if you cannot mirror what your partner says, "You cannot relate to another person's internal reality; you only relate to your version of it, which means that you are relating [only] to yourself." And, he continues, "you can count on the distortion and conflict that ensues."

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