Reach Your Dreamed of Goals
With Life Coaching

"If you can find a path with no obstacles,
it probably doesn't lead anywhere." - Frank A. Clark

The Destination Method (TDM)

In 2008 I earned twelve (12) Coaching Certifications from the Chris Howard Trainings. The most pertinent are a Master Results Certification Coach, Master Results Coach, Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Master Hypnosis. The technology is awesome.

Since that time I have trained with Dr. Robert Dee McDonald and find his depth, ethics, and the learning community surrounding his work deeply inspiriting on all levels.

THE DESTINATION METHOD (TDM) is a powerful cutting edge change method, created by Robert Dee McDonald, founder of The Telos Healing Center. I am a TDM CERTIFIED COACH.

SO IF YOU. . .

* are one of those people who everyone else knows is terrific, but deep down, you feel somehow inadequate, not enough

* have anxiety, worry, self-doubt, self-criticism, low self-esteem- and the low grade depression that goes with them?

* want to move ahead in a new venture, but are scared you won’t succeed?

* really want a thriving relationship, but stop yourself from reaching for one because you find ways that you think you are undesirable?

* suffer with painful memories? Traumatic experiences? Loss of Loved ones?

* feel unable to decide which course of action to take?

* find yourself always considering the needs of others, and overlooking yourself?

* seem to be unable to stop unwanted behaviors?



TDM is a transpersonal coaching strategy that helps produce physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual results, according to the stated goals of a client. A TDM coach is like a taxi-driver, who takes passengers from where they are to their stated destination.

TDM holds that people are empowered to arrive at their destination when they literally change their thinking in a climate of kindness and mercy. A TDM coach gently teaches each client the skills to notice and change limiting actions, thoughts and beliefs, thereby removing roadblocks to goal achievement and Spiritual Awakening.